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we are an online platform providing a range of digital services especially for College and University students using state of-the-art technology

Online Shopping

we provide an excellent online shopping service. Visit shop.yonkeyonke.co.zw for a unique shopping experience

Payment on Delivery

We provide reliable delivery for all your orders from door to door. You only pay for your order after you satistified.

Best price guaranteed

We have the best services. You can place your order at anytime of the day and we are always availble to assist with anything relating to our service

Online Magazine

Feed your brain with the latest news, in-depth analysis and ideas about social life, technology, business, culture and politics. Our Magazine delivers quality reliable useful content.

for all the digital creatives, If you are interested in writing you can sign up on the platform for an account to create your own content.


Compare all the top accomodation in one simple search and find just what you're after. Too easy.

many landlords hae trusted us to find the best deal on their housing serices. The best price is guaranteed.


These are some of our quality services

Online Shopping

Convinient Shopping platform

Door to door Delivery

Reliable door to door delivery for all your orders


Feed your brain with the latest quality content


Find the best accomodation in one simple search

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Each one of us in our team shares a common goal of making the life of students better through quality digital services .


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